waiting for the day when you cross my mind as nothing more than the scratch on the kitchen floor: you’re there, but honestly, i don’t notice it unless someone points you out to me.

right now, you’re a lot like gum on the bottom of my shoe: you make me feel extremely uncomfortable every time i remember you’re there. you cause a major inconvenience in my day and i really want to rip you off but touching you makes me want to throw up.

oooh change of plans for halloween
like i said i’m gonna be tyler, and yes guys, i found a josh.
but we decided on going as guns for hands twenty one pilots instead of concert 21p (except he told me to carry my uke bc he’s carrying his sticks, even though gfh doesn’t have a uke in it but still)
so i’ll be wearing a solid blue tshirt, black skinny jeans, red vans, and a white ski mask (which i’ll have to wear as a beanie at school because i am not about to wear a ski mask for 7 hours), and i’ll be drawing tyler’s tattoos on.

we plan on being dressed up at school but i’m afraid some administrator is gonna be like “you are distracting to the learning environment” and make me put on a hoodie and take off the mask.

i’m really excited tho. i’ll post pictures for you guys